By Thomas Madison

In another brilliant maneuver, Donald Trump has announced his choice for Attorney General, and it is none other than Trey Gowdy, who has picked up the nickname “Bulldog,” even though I have always considered him more of a Pit Bull. Gowdy is more a vicious carnivore than an ugly, lazy house dog.

Having already announced that he would “love” to have Sarah Palin in his administration, attracting her sizable following, The Donald has performed another brilliant stroke, announcing Gowdy as his choice for Attorney General, pleasing and attracting that segment as well.

The beauty of this selection is the instant removal of the frustration Gowdy and all conservatives have been met with due to Congress’s lack of prosecutorial power. Liberals have been allowed to commit virtually crime they choose with Barack Hussein and his corrupt circus in power. Congress can only refer requests for prosecution to the Attorney General, which is currently Hussein lapdog Loretta Lynch. With the prospect of Gowdy heading the Department of Justice, corrupt liberals everywhere are shaking in their Guccis.

There is absolutely no question that The Donald’s finger is squarely on the pulse of the conservative movement. He knows what we want, he knows what is good for America, and he is intent on delivering it!

Tomorrow Trump will be in Washington measuring the Oval Office windows for curtains.

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