From Steven Ahle, Red Statements

OMG!!!  It’s Trey!!!

D-Day is coming for Hillary Clinton.  Trey Gowdy has issued a letter to Hillary Clinton, requesting that she testify before the committee.  Both republicans and democrats on the special Benghazi committee signed off on the request.  It is not known if she would agree to meet with the committee.  She had previously been in contact with ranking member Elijah Cummings, saying she would be happy to testify, but that was before tapes and documents were produced that show she led the United States into war over Libya on the basis of a lie.

You can find details of the tapes here.        To read other documents click here.

With the new evidence and the fact that she has had to delay announcing her intentions about running for president until July in order to let this die down, she may refuse to testify.  The problem from her standpoint is what would damage her more, testifying and having to explain what led up to the Benghazi attacks or refusing to answer the questions.  It’s a close call but my first instinct is she won’t testify or she will make demands such as not being under oath or testifying behind closed doors with the transcript being unavailable for release.

Here is the first page of the letter:

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