By Thomas Madison

LOL! Squirming in his hot seat, suddenly remorseful Jonathan Gruber plays to the crowd, practically begging for mercy, as he is skinned alive by Trey Gowdy, who skewers Gruber with his opening question, “Professor Gruber, what did you mean when you said ‘they proposed it and that passed because the American people are too STUPID to understand the difference?'”

From Gowdy’s opening question of that indefensible statement, it went downhill fast for Gruber, trapped like the rat he has proven himself to be.

Among Gruber’s more notable admissions, he believes it is he, not the American voters, who is stupid. It sure took a long time for this career parasite to figure that out.

Gruber’s favorite line, “Once again,” was used over and over as he described himself as glib, arrogant, trying to make himself look smarter. At one point he was so remorseful I expected him to say, “Once again, I am a steaming pile of pig shit and do not deserve to breathe the air in this room.” To say that Gruber couldn’t get out of the room fast enough would be a gross understatement.

Darrell Issa put an exclamation point on Gruber’s testimony by confirming that Gruber was performing for an audience of like-minded liberal parasites, who obviously got quite a chuckle from Gruber’s noxious invective directed towards the American people.