The scum left has crossed another threshold. It is now perfectly acceptable to suggest or to wish for the assassination of the President of the United States.

Sure, it may earn the suggester/wisher a visit from the Secret Service, but so what? Everyone knows nothing will come of that. The slimeballs can do whatever they want. Criticizing them, or God forbid, trying to prevent their murderous language would be intolerant, racist, sexist, politically incorrect, and we can’t have that!

Check out what is trending on Twitter right now, and here is the amazing part…. Twitter is allowing it! Rather than delete the posts and the poster, Twitter, a leader of leftist theology itself, believes it is fine. After all, we all know how much the pinheads at Twitter revere the First Amendment.

I wonder if anything would be done if the liberal losers carried sniper rifles up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. I doubt it. It’s just free speech, right? Sure, there is a “no firearms” law in our nation’s capital, but we all know that laws are only for conservatives.

Trending on Twitter right now. Check out the third trending topic with 1,455 Tweets….