The year in review by Tomi Lahren:

With the new year right around the corner, Fox News Insider host Tomi Lahren felt it was only fitting to highlight President Donald Trump’s greatest achievements from 2017.

The liberal media spent most of the year only covering negative highlights of the president, according to The Horn, and Lahren is making sure that Trump gets the credit he rightfully deserves.

So, let’s take a look back at Trump’s greatest accomplishments from 2017.

As Lahren pointed out, “In less than a year Donald Trump has signed 96 laws in 2017,” this is a fact that liberal reporters will never cover because all they seem to care about is how much water Trump sips on during a speech at the White House.

“This president has done a lot, a lot he will never get credit for, but the other side did a lot in 2017, too. Like… well… they protested… they resisted… they voted against a tax cut for 80% of Americans… they pardoned illegal immigrants in California… they praised whiny athletes for disrespecting the country, our veterans and our police officers. Yeah, they did a whole lot … of nothing productive.”

We think this statement speaks for itself…

2017 was met with many challenges for the president. The liberal media took every chance they could to attack him and his family, but 2018 will be different. Trump’s ratings continue to rise, even with all of the hatred that the liberal media continues to spread.

“Here’s to 2018. For all the doors they slammed on us, we are coming to buy the building. Let’s do it and do it with American pride,” Lahren said.

2018 is not ready for the power that conservatives will bring — a change is coming to, and as Lahren said it will be done with American pride.