From Yahoo Sports

Amid all the revelations about the Patriots’ systematized signal-stealing and the NFL’s backroom deals, you might have missed the day’s most important story: Tom Brady is a Donald Trump fan!

All right, “fan” might be a little strong. And “most important story” is definitely overselling it. But still, speaking on Boston radio station WEEI Tuesday morning, Brady confirmed that indeed, he’s a friend of Trump’s, saying that Trump has done “amazing things.” Brady stopped short of saying he would vote for Trump, but still: TRUMP/BRADY 2016. We can hope, can’t we?

Brady’s appearance on WEEI came just minutes before the release of the ESPN deflate-gate report that detailed extensive spying, so he didn’t address anything related to that article. But he did say that he and wife Gisele Bundchen are “in a great place,” shooting down divorce rumors, and noted that “it’s been a tough, challenging seven months.”

Brady’s comments on Trump came after he was asked about the hat spotted in his locker: