By Thomas Madison

Wait a minute, don’t liberals claim the mantle of love, tolerance, and decency? Yeah, right! No bigger hypocrites walk the face of the planet.

Check out these two brief Twitter videos. A group of the loving and tolerant liberals takes turns beheading an effigy of Donald Trump on the steps of City Hall in Salt Lake City.

The first assclown sounds the world like Chris Farley. I bet he even lives “in a van, down by the river.” (See the SNL video, below the tweets)

I’m also betting the real source of his anger is the fact that it is only March 20 and he has already exhausted his EBT (food stamp) money for the month.

Watch as this proud dirtball really lets Trump have it, taking the effigy’s head off and then like the waste product he is, really shows the crowd how cool he is as he punts it…. for negative yardage. Epic fail, to be expected of a leftist loser!