As we reported yesterday, Donald Trump has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. We pointed out Time’s liberal bias against Trump, which is clear….

“Time takes every opportunity to paint President-elect Trump as divisive, out-of-touch, ‘a huckster,’ and ‘a vulgarian and carnival barker, a showman with big flash and little substance.'”

In the following article, the Washington Examiner took it a step further, comparing Time’s article on Trump’s 2016 Person of the Year selection to Barack Hussein’s Person of the Year selection in 2008. The difference is stunning and highlights the reason Trump was elected in the first place. Donald Trump was hired by We the People to drain the swamp of the likes of Barack Hussein and the odious press that has drooled all over him for the past eight years while he has doubled our debt, decimated our defense, made the Middle East a malignant quagmire, set race relations back fifty years, and practically destroyed America.

From the Washington Examiner….

President-elect Trump was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” on Wednesday, just as then-President-elect Obama received the same distinction in 2008 after winning that election.

But that’s where the similarities stop.

While Trump’s write-up in Time is a “for better or worse” overview of his victory, laced with ambivalence. Obama’s was a far more hopeful and confident look at the historical nature of his coming presidency.

Here’s a look at how Trump was described by Time on Tuesday compared to what the magazine said of Obama eight years ago.

On Obama in 2008: “For having the confidence to sketch that kind of future in this gloomy hour and for showing the competence that makes Americans hopeful that he will pull it off, Barack Obama is Time’s Person of the Year for 2008.”

On Trump in 2016: “For reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and that truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies and live-streaming its fears … Donald Trump is Time’s 2016 Person of the Year.”

Obama: “Understandably, you may be thinking Obama is on the cover for these big and flashy reasons: for ushering the country across a momentous symbolic line, for infusing our democracy with a new intensity of participation, for showing the world and ourselves that our most cherished myth — the one about boundless opportunity — has plenty of juice left in it. … [But i]n the waning days of his extraordinary year and on the cusp of his presidency, what now seems most salient about Obama is the opposite of flashy, the antithesis of rhetoric: he gets things done.”

Trump: “This real estate baron and casino owner turned reality-TV star and provocateur — never a day spent in public office, never a debt owed to any interest besides his own — now surveys the smoking ruin of a vast political edifice that once housed parties, pundits, donors, pollsters, all those who did not see him coming or take him seriously. Out of this reckoning, Trump is poised to preside, for better or worse.”

Obama: “His arrival on the scene feels like a step into the next century — his genome is global, his mind is innovative, his world is networked, and his spirit is democratic. Perhaps it takes a new face to see the promise in a future that now looks dark.”

Trump: “Now it’s difficult to count all the ways Trump remade the game: the huckster came off more real than the scripted political pros.”

Obama: “Obama’s competence fills him with a genuine self-confidence.”

Trump: “The demagogue won more Latino and black votes than the 2012 Republican nominee.”

Obama: “In some tellings, Obama’s journey to the White House started with his little-noticed but carefully nuanced speech against the Iraq war in 2002. In other versions, it began with his electrifying address to the Democratic Convention in 2004.”

Trump: “His rhetoric had in fact opened up a new public square, where racists and misogynists could boast of their views and claim themselves validated.”

Obama: “He made moderates feel hopeful, and even among many core Republicans who did not ultimately vote for him, Obama inspired admiration.”

Trump: “This is a land where a man will stand up in a plane headed to Allentown, Pa., to demand allegiance to the new leader — ‘We got some Hillary bitches on here? Come on man, Trump! He’s your president, every goddamn one of you!’ — and then get banned by the airline from ever traveling again. It’s where a hijab-wearing college student in New York reports being attacked and jeered at in the next president’s name, where American-born children ask their citizen parents if Trump will deport them, where white supremacists throw out Nazi salutes in Washington meeting halls for their President-elect.”

Obama: “Obama is a businesslike boss.”

Trump: “This is the method of a demagogue.”