UPDATE, July 10, 2016, 6:30 PM, CST: Much thanks to Graham, who is providing the other side of the story.

According to the following link, Philando Castile was not pulled over for a broken taillight. He was pulled over because he matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery four days earlier. His, girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, who shot the now viral video, made several statements that have been proven false, such as claiming Castile had a conceal carry permit. He did NOT have a conceal carry permit.

This new information could prove damning. The whole truth will be out soon. We will report updates as we receive them.


Lavish Reynolds is the girlfriend of the man who was shot four times and killed by a Roseville, Minnesota cop, which was one of the two incidents where black men were shot by police recently that caused the massacre of Dallas cops Thursday night.

Lavish was in the car and possessed the presence of mind to film the incident, at least the part after her boyfriend was shot, eventually dying from his wounds.

There are missing details. If Lavish is correct in her reporting, it is a tragic story of a trigger-happy cop gone wild. In the video, she admitted that her boyfriend, Philando Castile, sitting next to her in the car, had a conceal/carry permit. She claims he was reaching for his wallet to produce his ID, which the cop demanded, when he was shot four times, ultimately dying of his wounds.

Many questions….

1. Is it possible that Lavish could be wrong? Could the cop have had cause to use deadly force? Was Castile reaching for an ID or a weapon?

2. For a broken taillight? Really?

3. Is the proper response by Black Lives Matter to march and demand that black people not be shot, no matter what?

4. Has anyone considered how many whites, Hispanics, and Asians get shot by cops, under similar circumstances, on a daily basis? I can provide video evidence of many, many horrific incidents of that.

5. The cop who shot Castile is Asian. Why did that result in black militants targeting, shooting, and killing WHITE cops in Dallas? Think about it.

Dragging out the racist New Black Panthers to join the BLM march is counterproductive to the future peaceful country we all want to live in.

STOP! Think! ALL lives matter! Not JUST black lives!

From youtube:

A Minnesota woman documented the aftermath of her boyfriend’s shooting at the hands of a police officer during a traffic stop for what she called a “busted taillight,” the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported. Lavish Reynolds’ video shows her boyfriend, who is not identified, slumped in a car next to her while bleeding. When the officer asked him for his license and registration, she says, the man said they were in his wallet, while also informing him that he was also carrying a gun, for which he had a permit.

“The officer said don’t move,” Reynolds explains. “As he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot him in the arm four or five times.”

The camera then captures the officer still standing outside the car and pointing his gun at the couple. It is unclear whether he called for help by the time Reynolds began recording the encounter

“F*ck!” the officer can be heard yelling. “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to keep his hand open.”

“You told him to get his ID, sir, and his license,” Reynolds responds.

As she worries aloud whether her boyfriend is dying next to her, the officer can be heard ordering her, “Keep your hands where they are.”

“You shot four bullets into him, sir,” she tells the officer as her boyfriend’s breathing sounds strained. “He was just getting his license and registration, sir.”

Another officer can then be heard ordering Reynolds to exit the car with her hands up. When she asks where her daughter is, the second officer orders her to turn away from him and walk backwards. She is then ordered to get on her knees.

“Please don’t tell me she’s gone,” she can be heard saying, before she begins yelling in anguish. Seconds later, the first officer can be heard yelling, “F*ck!” again.

Later in the video, Reynolds says she is in the back of a police car with her daughter.

“The police just shot my boyfriend for no reason,” she says, before she recounts her story, adding, “The Roseville Police Department just shot my boyfriend.”

The Star-Tribune reported that Reynolds’ boyfriend was hospitalized. His condition has not been listed. According to her, the victim works for the public school district in St. Paul.

“He’s never been in jail, anything,” Reynolds says at one point. “He’s not a gang member, anything.”

Update: WCCO-TV reported that the victim, 32-year-old Philando Castile, died following the shooting.

Reynolds originally uploaded the video to her Facebook page, but it was taken down late Wednesday night.