By Thomas Madison

It is more refreshing than a summer swim on a sweltering day to see an American politician (misnomer in this case) kick political correctness to the curb, which Donald Trump does daily. Political incorrectness is the only speech he knows. It is the only speech he understands. It is as New York as the five boroughs.

At the recent AIPAC conference, Trump provoked a roaring response with his description of the UN: “the utter weakness and incompetence of the United Nations,” which drew enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

The Donald continued, “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy. It’s not a friend to freedom. It’s not a friend even to the United States of America, where as you know, it has its home. And it surely is not a friend to Israel.”

The Donald routinely discusses topics the empty suit beltway cowards avoid like a room full of lepers. He speaks freely about the very subjects Mom and Pop America discuss around the kitchen table, and in the same plain and politically incorrect language. He is a regular guy, who also happens to be a genius with a net worth most of can only imagine and dream of.

It is well past time to flush the UN. Get the parasitic fascists out of our country. Trump is spot on. By all appearances the UN hates the United States, and we are by far its leading funder. The UN only takes money, it does not make money. Its primary function appears to be to rob America of its wealth and spread it around the world. No, thank you!

Go, Donald!

From  Rich Hoffman, OVERMANWARRIOR

It was the type of speech that made you want to stand up and cheer within your own home, and I did. It was just my wife and I but it felt so good for somebody in politics to finally say it. Donald Trump while speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC on March 21st 2016 trashed the United Nations especially in reference to enforcing safety for the nation of Israel. I have been saying for years that the United States should withdraw support of the United Nations because of the lack of personal sovereignty that it intends to apply toward our own history—and given the amount of financial resources that America provides just to keep that token government operating with any kind of authority—it is clear that the UN has not appreciated it, and it has instead embolden them to believe that they are equal to the United States in global respect.

Most of the countries within the United Nations are functioning from a position of socialist or communist economic systems and thus bring very little to the table regarding financial input leaving the United States alone in providing the foundation that the entire concept rests upon. Without America, there would be no United Nations and many believe as I do—that Roosevelt and Wilson should have left the whole concept alone and listened to the electorate way back to the two World Wars and stayed out of European affairs and their reckless warlike escapades. The United Nations does very little good for anybody and has become a giant wealth distribution scam mainly consuming the resources of America just to survive.

You might remember dear reader the anger I felt when comic book writers proposed that Superman was going to give up his citizenship to fight for the United Nations instead of American ideals such as “truth, justice, and the American way.” Progressive artists of the new 21st century had decided that Superman needed to be more global and that the new fight for planetary survival needed to focus on the United Nations—as if that would be our next governmental body. I have additionally said often that the Clintons were positioning themselves to be leaders with the United Nations ushering in a new era of global government led by the socialist participants at the UN who shared membership with Socialist International. There have been attempts by the United Nations—such as Agenda 21 to impose themselves into American sovereignty with crazy ideas like how to steer communities back into urban environments, degrading the value of private property through increased taxation, and imposing the will of the ‘state’ into the families of our youth through multiple methods, both at home and within their public educations. The United Nations has been a joke and I urged over six years ago my congressional representative, John Boehner to withdraw American support to teach those presumptuous European aristocrats that without us, they’d be nothing—to learn their place in the global marketplace to position us for a better deal, and more sovereign respect. I’m all for helping the world so long as they copy America and our system of capitalism. To weaken American interests so to prop up socialist and communist nations has never been an option to me.

There are essentially three phases which defined the concept of American freedom. The first was of course the democratic invention of a pirate republic as established between the years of 1650 and 1710. For really the first time in known history people threw off the cloak of state ownership and declared themselves a free people as they made the hard decision to become pirates. There was a lot of debauchery that took place, and a lot of blood spilled, but the concept of pirating as it evolved in Port Royal, Jamaica caught the eye of John Locke who wrote down his thoughts which later inspired Thomas Paine and many others to break from England during the American Revolution. Without the Pirates of the Caribbean—literally, there would have never been a Declaration of Independence. Pirates had shown the colonists how a free country of sovereign citizens might throw off the tyranny of a king for the opportunity to live as a free people.

“Of course the Revolution in America was the result of much contemplation within Scotland and other Illuminati circles that were going philosophically down a path for which the world would never be the same. Ben Franklin in particular, along with Thomas Jefferson drove much of that European contemplation into the new world to fan the flames of rebellion toward a free republic. It was hard for many to take up arms against the king of England but the result was a free nation in the New World. Once the smoke cleared and the frontier opened up mankind for the first time could look West and carve a life out for themselves using a method of economy called capitalism as communicated by Adam Smith into settling a rough frontier and allowing the best of them to become gloriously wealthy—proving the new economic theory to be more than justified by actuality. But first the European concept of slavery had to be ended and it was by the mid—1800s. Within America a war was fought and the slaves were freed—another first on the world stage. Only in America could a European inheritance such as slavery be eliminated with an emphasis on freedom for all people no matter what race or sex they might be.

Once the war was fought and the slaves were free the West opened up into what is my favorite period—westward expansion. The period of the Old West was a time where government was smallest, but the foundations of capitalism were running at its fullest—and the wealth created by this period essentially pushed up the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Chicago as railroads brought back great wealth from the West to the East. The concept of the frontiersman is a defining element of American capitalism. Most people failed, and many died of disease and personal misery—but a few managed to give rise to a nation on the backs of individual effort. The California Gold Rush fueled our young country with great wealth that made it the envy of the world—and it all occurred because individual people were empowered to carve out a life for themselves on the open land of the West if they dared. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was effective and is something to be very proud of as a period of adventure and honor which evolved on the backs of the American Cowboy.

The Roaring Twenties happened when the great president Calvin Coolidge promoted capitalism with great audacity and massive amounts of wealth generated from this entire American endeavor lifted up all members of society for the first time in human history—even the extreme poor benefited. Average people everywhere were living the kinds of lives that nobody on earth had thought possible just twenty years prior. Common people had access to food, jobs, and shelter as the spillover of capitalism from the very top provided a new security for everyone within the American experience. Several World Wars and other global wars against communism would take place in the years thereafter which were ultimately endeavored upon as a means to share the wealth of capitalism into countries drowning in communism—like Vietnam, Korea, China, Central America, Cuba, Mexico—and so on.

Then the audacious United Nations came in on the tail of all this work done in America—and all the blood spilled on behalf of endeavoring for personal freedom and assumed that it was their role to take control of all this activity and make the world into a melting pot of progressive value—ignoring the hard gains won in America for personal sovereignty—which was extremely disingenuous. Their version of a global government is a socialist one—and they are insisting that America give up its capitalism and embrace socialism so that they can more adequately manage us. So my hatred of the United Nations isn’t just some flimsy conspiracy theory—it is rooted in a firm knowledge of history and understanding how difficult it was for America to arrive at this point in time. It is also an awareness of how valuable it was for people within America to reach the kind of freedom that we have as a human rights endeavor. Americans are the masters of freedom and human rights—nobody else on earth has done as much as we have to make people free—and equal. People in America are equally allowed to reach as far as they dare. There is nothing to say that the journey will be easy—but they are free to reach no matter who they are—and that is something very special. So how dare the United Nations assume otherwise—and they have. That is why it was so refreshing to hear Donald Trump say what he did on such a large stage. If that is a hint into what kind of president he’ll be—he should win in a landslide! If I was a fan of his before—I am even more so now.

Rich Hoffman