By Thomas Madison

H/T Trumpatriots reader, Bryn Gomer

If you are on the fence regarding Donald Trump, and/or have fallen victim to the mainstream media garbage that has been reported on Trump, then by all means set aside an hour to watch this video setting the record straight on the media lies and deception.

Even if you think this video is preaching to the choir, watch it. I thought I was well aware of all of the media’s lies and deceptions regarding Trum, but I learned a few new things in this video, like the fact that the charge that Donald Trump dodged the draft is a total lie. I knew that Trump had been given three routine college deferments to finish school, which were typical in those days, and a “temporary” medical deferment for a bone spur. He did not, however, dodge the draft. He was entered into the draft, but received a draft number of 356 out of 365. Thus, his number never came up and he was not called into service. Trump DID register for the draft. He DID NOT dodge the draft, a common lie told by our miserable mainstream media.

The media and the status quo establishment beltway parasites are frantic to remove Donald Trump from the presidential race, lest he derail the cozy gravy train they have been riding for decades, at the expense of We the People, who are the only obstacle standing in their way.

Enough already!! Donald Trump is the only true patriot to come down the presidential pike in decades. Help Make America Great Again. Elect Donald Trump!

Go, Donald!