Photo, above: 3,500 trailers full of relief supplies for Puerto Rican hurricane victims sits at the port, unable to move for lack of truck drivers, who have used the hurricane as an excuse to strike and cripple the island, tragically hurting those in need. Ships sit offshore with more aid that cannot be unloaded until the trailers clogging the port have been moved out.

While the mainstream media and leftist politicians like San Juan’s mayor are blaming President Trump, the real problem in aid not reaching the people has been identified.

Using the hurricane as leverage to gain more money and benefits for truckers, the Teamsters Union has gone on strike and its president is not allowing truck drivers to report to the port to haul aid to the people so desperately in need of it. Union leader Victor Rodriguez has brought the island to its knees, committing what I consider treason, not allowing aid to get to starving Puerto Ricans.

In my opinion, President Trump should declare martial law and order the National Guard to get the trucks full of aid to the people who need it. Each National Guard trucker should have an armed escort as the union will almost certainly react in a violent manner. It is their goal to cripple and control the island.