By Thomas Madison

WARNING! For some, especially those on the extreme left, who do not consider such character traits as strengths, but rather weaknesses or tragic flaws, you may want to exit the room now and brew a steaming latte, or whatever it is you liberals drink when you are seeking comfort and refuge from patriotic conservative philosophy.

The similarities between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are striking. First, let’s examine the noticable differences between The Ronald and The Donald:

1. The Ronald had great hair.  The Donald? He has Trump hair.

2. The Ronald could deliver a one-liner like Bob Hope, leaving his audience cackling with laughter, and usually at the expense of some unfortunate liberal. The Donald, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, he gets lots of laughs. It’s just that they are generally unintended, or at best ill-timed. What do you expect? The Ronald was a polished actor, The Donald a self-made billionaire (TWICE!) who never saw the necessity of making people laugh.

3. The Ronald was modest. The Donald is brash and supremely confident, some will say arrogant, only because they don’t understand the inevitable result of a lifelong record of fighting and winning.

Now, the striking similarities.

1. Intense love for America. The Ronald was a stalwart patriot. How often did we watch as he wept from the podium while memorializing the sacrifices of our veterans or his deep and heartfelt understanding of the words of our founding fathers? While not as emotional as The Ronald, The Donald has openly displayed the same love for America. He understands and deeply appreciates the sacrifices of America’s veterans. Among his chief causes is correcting the abhorrent treatment our veterans have received at the hands of the parasites at the Veterans Administration. His vocal praise, respect and admiration for our veterans is visibly authentic. When it comes to America’s place on the world stage, his every statement screams, “AMERICA FIRST!”

2. Strength of conviction. Among the most sickening characteristics of today’s empty suit American politicians is their poll-driven, finger-in-the-wind flip-flopping. It seems they all do it. I’m not speaking of an understandable change of heart. That happens to all of us. I’m speaking of the flip-on-a-dime-flop nearly all beltway parasites are likely to execute at any given time on any given issue. As the polls change, so do these despicable chameleons. Most Americans think in terms of absolutes – right or wrong! Career parasite politicians do not think in such simple, linear fashion. Rather, they determine what to say (not what they believe – they believe NOTHING!) on the shifting sands of public opinion polls. Sometimes that means it would be most personally gainful to speak for the majority. Sometimes that means it would be more personally gainful to speak for a vocal minority. While their disingenuous rhetoric is swallowed by their intended audience, it is nonetheless sickening. Treasonous, in fact.

The Ronald always said what he believed and believed what he said. He never wavered. Likewise, The Donald. What he says and believes will not be popular amongst crybabies and/or vocal minorities, or sometimes even the majority. Like it or not, it is what he believes and he isn’t backing off.

3. Take no prisoners. Just minutes after The Ronald was inaugurated Iran released its American hostages, held for the previous 444 days of Jimmy Carter’s administration. The Ronald had made it clear the consequences of their continued captivity, and the Ayatollah was taking no chances.

In 1986 I was  a young Army officer stationed in Italy. I had traveled to Frankfurt, Germany to interview for a company command, for which I was ultimately selected. I was staying on Rein Main Air Base. On the morning of April 15, I was unable to leave the base, which was in virtual lockdown due to The Ronald sending missiles through Gaddafi’s tent flaps in response to the murder of American GIs in Berlin ten days earlier. Gaddafi, a brutal terrorist before his Reagan epiphany, became an apologetic boy scout, giving up his weapons of mass destruction and any thought of harming Americans. THAT is how you deal with terrorists! The Donald has been clear in his language to embrace a similar strategy to defeat ISIS and other terrorist threats.

4. Candor. Not always considered a positive character trait due to the mainstream media’s cowardly propensity for ambush, The Ronald said what he meant. Likewise, The Donald. Cutting through the mainstream media’s transparently biased reporting to detemine the truth may be a discriminating skill of the true patriot, but neither The Ronald nor The Donald found much time to worry about the perceptions of those who may lack those special skills. The truth is the truth. If you get it you get it. If you don’t you don’t.

5. Out-of-the-box thinking. SDI. Again, I was a young Army officer under the command of Ronald Reagan in the early 80s. I was thrilled at the simple genius of his Strategic Defense Initiative, otherwise known as Star Wars. In one fell swoop he sent terror through the ranks of the Politburo and their allies, the American Democrat Party. If successfully implemented, SDI would make nuclear weapons obsolete. A space-based and land-based missile defense system, SDI involved landborne and spaceborne missile defense platforms that would form a virtual force field, protecting all of the United States and its allies from foreign missile attack. The Soviets, for lack of a more rational response, claimed that SDI would become an offensive strategic weapon instead of a defensive strategic weapon.

Quick to respond, The Ronald offered to give the technology to the Soviets. No spying necessary. No stealing. Just free. We would give the Soviets the same technology we had for ourselves to defend their own country against us or anyone else who would attack them. How irresistible is that? Checkmate! The Soviets tried, desperately, to keep up with American ingenuity and defense spending, but it was hopeless. Soviet communism had breathed its last breath, and the Ronald did it without firing a shot. Except for the anti-American efforts of a Democrat congress, SDI would be our primary national defense today, and the entire world would be a far safer place.

Likewise, The Donald received much bashing for his out-of-the-box thinking, not only the expected sort from the liberal mainstream media, but even from the likes of faux conservatives like Dana Perino, who slammed Trump for his declaration that not only would he build a mega-secure wall on our Mexican border, but he would also force Mexico to pay for it. Again, simple genius. Perino, acting like a spoiled brat, ridiculed Trump for what she considered the impossible and absurd notion of taxing Mexico. It’s hard to believe that Perino served in a presidential adminstration and is that ignorant of international trade. It’s called an import tariff, Dana! It is very simple. President Trump issues, with the approval of a Republican Congress, of course, an import tariff, of oh, say 50% on all Mexican imports, from tortillas to tequila. BOOM! Lots of money to not only build a secure wall, but also to bolster our Border Patrol. And Mexico paid for it! So simple!

The similarities between these two American patriots, The Ronald and The Donald, go on and on. Please add your own in the comments section, below. God Bless America and…. Go, Donald!