Video of the Year, in my opinion. This is nothing less than amazing! This is by far the greatest video Michael Moore has ever produced.

Remember the Michael Moore who stood in front of Trump Tower holding the sign, “We are all Muslim?” Well, listen to him now! “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest “FUCK YOU! ever recorded in human history.”

Donald Trump is going to be the greatest unifier this nation has ever known. When you can change the mind and heart of the most liberal, anti-capitalist, anti-American individual in the country, making him a passionate patriot, then you have it going on.

Donald Trump is a special person on a divinely-inspired mission. May God Bless Donald Trump, and may God Bless us all with a Trump victory on November 8. Please share this with everyone you know. (The first video is the well-produced audio version. The second is the actual video. Watch both.)