I don’t even know what to think about this. Bizarre? Criminal? Revolting? Consensual? Rape? Isolated? Lie? Truth? Credible? Provable? Just shaking my head!

As the sexual harassment allegations against Matt Lauer pile up, a new accuser claims the fired NBC star sexually assaulted her in his office, reports BizPac Review.

The unnamed woman says Lauer summoned her to his office in 2001, locked the door, and had sexual intercourse with her until she passed out.

matt lauer sexual assault harassment fired halloween costumes drag

Matt Lauer loved dressing up in drag on Halloween while hosting the Today Show. (NBC screenshot)

The accuser told the New York Times that she was in her 40s and married but separated at the time. She later got divorced.

The accuser alleges that Lauer had called her to his NBC office to discuss a story for the “Today Show.” When she sat down, Lauer allegedly pressed a button under his desk that locked his office door, and asked her to unbutton her blouse. She complied.

The accuser says Lauer then stood up, pulled down his pants, bent her over a chair, and had sexual intercourse with her. The woman said she passed out at some point and woke up on the floor of the office with her pants pulled down.

Lauer then had his assistant take the woman to a nurse. The woman claims Lauer never mentioned the incident, and never hit on her again. She left NBC a year later.

Matt responded to the avalanche of allegations against him by saying he’s sorry: