Everyone has seen Hitlery’s custom “Scooby” van parked outside her usual shrieking venue (high school gym), where she shrieks for ten minutes to confused students who were forced to attend. But have you seen the specs of that sweet custom ride of hers?

The Hitlery Hauler is equipped with heated leather seating, a 29″ Samsung television with Blu-ray DVD player, and a rear sofa that converts into a coffin bed for day napping on the road. Like all blood-sucking vampires, Hitlery prefers to sleep during the day.

The following hacked-and-leaked email was discovered in the latest dump of Podesta emails from WikiLeaks.

van-400x322 hearse1
Hitlery arriving at a high school for another shrieking engagement

Oh, boy! She is not going to be happy when you open that thing!