Remember the old Donald Trump who could leave a primary debate opponent with nowhere to go, like Jeb Bush, speechless, left with a stupid grin on his face?

I sure missed that guy (the old Trump, not Jeb). I didn’t care at all for the packaged, powdered, politically correct RNC version. Yuck. It looked and sounded like what it was – disingenuous, forced, artificial, a Trump mannequin, a PC robot.

Well, Thank God, the previous Terminator edition is back and as politically incorrect and in-your-face as ever.

At a Friday rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, the new old edition spotted a heckler in the audience and pointing, dismissed him with an underhanded wave, announcing to the crowd, “Oh, here’s another one,” then demanding “Go home to Mommy. Go home to Mommy,” which provoked much applause and laughter from the audience. Doubling down, The Donald declared, “And your mother is voting for Trump. She’s voting for Trump!” More laughter and applause.