Donald Trump continues to amaze me. After what he went through during both the primary and general election, with opponents on both sides of the aisle slamming him, insulting him, calling him everything from a racist to a rapist, he has proven to be magnanimous in victory, appointing former mortal enemies to important cabinet positions. Under the circumstances, he is far more forgiving than I would be.

After some of the things Mitt Romney said about The Donald, for Mitt to have the whatever it takes to act, and it is acting, in my opinion, as though there was never a rift, that he was onboard from Day One, is disingenuous at best, and to me demonstrates what a spineless snake Romney is. A man with any character at all would have said, “Don’t offer me any positions in your cabinet. My opinion of you is unchanged.” Instead, he is groveling at Trump’s feet for the most important cabinet post, Secretary of State. I agree with Newt – Romney can’t be trusted.

Maybe it shows Trump’s political naivete, or maybe his unpopular appointments will prove to be pure genius. Time will tell us that. In the meantime, I am deferring to The Donald’s peerless and famous hiring ability, which has made him billions. I campaigned hard for him, I voted for him, now I am going to trust him.

Following is a special Thanksgiving wish from Donald Trump to We the People. The recurring theme is “unity.” Good luck with that, Sir. There are many on the left who will never unify, short of another 9/11, God Forbid.