By Joe LaVeque
Well, let’s see . . . The United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was headed to Aspen, Colorado from Washington D.C. for a speaking engagement, a distance of around 1500 miles in almost a direct line East to West.

The government plane she was flying in was a G5 with a range of 6500 miles.

My question is . . . why would she go to Phoenix — which is 600 miles South of Aspen — and land,never get off her plane, and then takeoff and fly North to Aspen from Phoenix ?

She did not need to stop in Phoenix for fuel because if she had flown direct, fuel would not be necessary. In fact, doing the math, the G5 has the range to make a round trip from D.C. to Aspen . . . without refueling.

And, why was Bill Clinton waiting for Lynch’s plane to land in Phoenix when she was going to Aspen?

Why ? Because that meeting was planned ! ! That’s where the Clintons got Hillary’s FBI fix on!

When her airplane and Slick Willie Clinton were spotted at the Phoenix airport, Ms Lynch said “We talked for half an hour about grand kids and golf.”

FYI: Loretta Lynch does not have any grand kids and does not play golf.

No big deal, the liberal media says . . . as this is just the Clinton Corruption Machine at work!!