From Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post

A SWAT team swarmed a house in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday searching for suspects in the Wednesday night shooting of two police officers, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The raid came shortly after a press conference in which St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar declined to say if there were any suspects in what he called an “ambush.”

The Explosives and K9 units responded to the scene, according to KMOV’s Kelly Davis.

A neighbor told the Post-Dispatch that they saw cops bring two men and one woman out of the home.

At the press conference, Belmar said both officers could have died from their injuries. One officer was shot in the face and still has a bullet in his head. The other officer was shot in his shoulder.

Both cops were released from the hospital on Thursday.

The officers were shot in the midst of a protest outside the Ferguson Police Department.

Witnesses said the shots came from across the street from the police station.

UPDATE: MSNBC reports that police have taken three people in for questioning.

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