Lou Dobbs interviewed attorney and Fox News anchor Greg Jarrett on the rapidly-developing Susan Rice unmasking scandal that is evolving into a full blown criminal case. Rice is now refusing to testify before Congress, which I believe will surely prompt a subpoena.

Jarrett delivered this bombshell, stating in no uncertain terms that someone in the Obama administration will be indicted for the egregious violation of the public trust and right to privacy of Trump administration officials.

I expect multiple charges against several individuals, including Susan Rice.

Jarrett: “Lawyers probably told her to clam up, wait for a subpoena, we need to get a subpoena, it’s time to play Let’s Make A Deal without Monty Hall. Because she’s in legal jeopardy.

If it’s true, all of the evidence that has been uncovered about her unmasking…. At least one crime was committed here and likely many more.

It will be interesting to see if they will get to the bottom of it…. I would imagine that once they determine who did it here, they’re going to be indicted. Now is it going to be a member of the administration? It would have to be because they’re the only ones who had access, top administration officials, to the intelligence community that actually does the collection.”