By Thomas Madison

Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, better known as the “Stump For Trump Girls,” are the hottest thing on youtube right now with their hilarious rants defending and praising Donald Trump. The video also attests to The Donald’s broad and diverse support.

The first video, below, is one of their originals, getting all in the face of Megyn Kelly for her shameless assault on Trump. I posted it a few days ago. The second video is a recent appearance the girls made on CNN’s Don Lemon Show. Watch as Lemon can only sit and smile while the ladies go on and on, gushing about their candidate, and hardly give him a second to get a word in edgewise. LOL!

Knowing full well that this article will bring the rabid Trump haters out of the woodwork, I am anticipating this condemnation, which I guarantee the Trump haters are going to be all about: “Waaaaaaaaah-waaaaaaaaaaah! I wonder how much Trump had to pay them to get them to do that? Waaaaaah-waaaaaaaaah!”

In the words of Richard Nixon, “Let me say this about that:” If The Donald did in fact, create this phenomenon, which I truly doubt, but if he did, then he is even more a marketing genius than I have been giving him credit for. I want that kind of creative genius in our White House, making America great, prosperous, and respected again.