Consider this a followup to Ben Bowles’s report yesterday about Team Hillary handing out homemade-looking signs to attendees at a rallyto make their “love for Hillary” (such as it was) seem grass-roots and genuine.

A memo leaked by The Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay reveals that questions the Democratic nominee was asked by TV host Steve Harvey during a February appearance on his show had been provided in advance. In and of itself that poses no problem, even though aspirants to the highest office in the land should understand there are no advance scripts for world or domestic developments.

What is a problem was Clinton’s reaction to the questions, which was staged to seem spontaneous, as though she was hearing them for the first time. From Fox & Friends via Ed Morrissey:

Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated inauthenticity, sometimes with a little help from her friends in the mainstream media. As Joe Newby reported in August, “The Hill — a political media outlet that swings both left and right” — tweeted out a photoshopped image of a Clinton rally in St. Petersburg, Fla. that had attracted only 171 Floridians, making it appear as though thousands had turned out.

Ironically, during her appearance with Harvey, the host confesses that he has lied often, to which Clinton responds, “I concede you have more experience [lying]” (5:22). See what I mean? She is totally incapable of being inauthentic for even a second.