Why is it that State Department briefings always look like skits from Saturday Night Live?

Give the guy an A for honesty. He was just unable to hold it back. State Department Spokesperson Mark Toner¬†loses it and begins laughing hysterically when he welcomes those in attendance to “this exercise in transparency and democracy.”

The Barack Hussein administration doesn’t even attempt to hide the sham any more. They are right up front about it. “Yeah, we are lying to you and manipulating the press so that you hear what we want you to hear. What are you going to do about it?”

“Welcome to the State Department…. Good to see you in this, uhhhh, exercise in transparency and democracy. Bwaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!”

Somewhere, Glen Dougherty, Tyrone Woods, Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith are not smiling.