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Just a few days after the Charlottesville tragedy, we began taking a close look at event organizer Jason Kessler, who proclaims to be a right wing activist. Then we discovered that Kessler had been a raging liberal until November, 2016, just days after his political wet dream, Hitlery Clinton, was reduced to ashes in a landslide Trump victory. How convenient. His allegiance to the right wing became smellier with each new discovery.

It is now very clear that Kessler is bent upon smearing all American patriots by pretending to be one.

There is another impostor posing as a patriot whose background indicates that he is also a leftist plant, intent upon smearing all patriots by association. Meet Richard Spencer.

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Admits to Being a Socialist – Calls Conservatives and  All Supporters of Donald Trump “Cucks”

Spencer banned speaker for “homophobia”, supports “international socialism” and promotes “Rainbow Nationalism”

Right in the wake of the mainstream media exposure of Alt-Right leader Jason Kessler as a liberal provocateur and Occupy Wall Street supporter, Richard Spencer has admitted to being a socialist as well, according to Alt-Right Exposed.

It looks like some conservatives got trolled by the “Alt-Right” circus in Charlottesville. It is too bad that it had to end in tragedy.

In a recent interview, Richard Spencer said:

To be honest, I am not totally opposed to socialism, when done right. I think we actually should use the government to benefit ourselves, and the people of this country. I think we should have a national health care system. I think we should quadruple national parks. I think we should make this world a better place. I think government has a role to play in that. “

This is not the first time Richard Spencer has espoused leftist talking points. In this article, we uncover a far darker aspect to the philosophy of the “Alt-Right” Commissar.

Richard Spencer and the doomed “Alt-Right” rally in Charlottesville

Richard Spencer, the self-declared leader of the “Alt-Right”, worked closely with confirmed Occupy Wall Street and liberal provocateur Jason Kessler to plan and organize the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesvile, Virginia, in which one person was killed and 19 injured in a cowardly terrorist attack, allegedly by another Alt-Right member, Alex Fields Jr.

After the Alt-Right rally, Kessler stated on Twitter that the woman murdered in the attack, Heather Heyer, was a “communist” and that the attack was”payback” for “communism”.

One wonders if Kessler knew that his Alt-Right buddy Richard Spencer also had communist leanings, or if they were both knew what they were doing, by impersonating conservatives the whole time.

It is now known that Heather Heyer was not a communist, but can the same be said for Richard Spencer?

Who is Richard Spencer?

Richard Spencer brags constantly in mainstream interviews about how he started the “Alt-Right” movement, invented the term “Alt-Right” and even went so far as to register the domain name altright.com, so that he would always be seen as the leader of this “movement”.

Spencer’s rise to fame came after he gave the Nazi salute and said “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” at the National Policy Institute meeting in November of 2016. He also inserted himself into President Donald Trump’s inauguration, doing street interviews with the mainstream media during the event.

Like his close friend Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer suddenly inserted himself in the spotlight, and made wild, inflammatory comments,  in an effort to forever link Donald Trump to White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and Hitler in the mind of the American public.

While the mainstream media now promotes Spencer as the face of white nationalism, white nationalists who were around before Spencer appeared on the scene, widely revile him for his liberal attitudes and constant promotion of socialist ideas among them.

Richard Spencer’s “Rainbow Nationalism”

Richard Spencer has often said that “Homosexuality seems to be a kind of last stand of implicit white identity.”

No matter what one might think about homosexuality or gay rights, it does seem an odd stance to take if one is trying to appeal to conservatives.

Spencer reviled among white nationalists

At the 2015 National Policy Institute meeting, Spencer banned Matt Heimbach, leader of the Traditionalist Youth Network from entering the event, because he knew that Heimbach was a Christian, and that he did not support homosexuality.

He replaced Matt Heimbach as a speaker with Jack Donovan. Jack Donovan is is a proud homosexual, gay activist who is well known for his book Androphilia, in which he tries to persuade gay men that they should align themselves with the Alt-Right. He is also very outspoken in his opposition to “capitalism and the state” and “hierarchies”.

Jack Donovan’s Satanic Blood Cult

Jack Donovan is the leader of the white supremacist satanic cult know as the “Wolves of Vinland“, where naked men  “gather in the Virginia woods for heathen ceremonies where they drink mead, spread mud and blood on themselves, dance around fires, and hold rituals in caves.” They do all of this in front of children, according to the photos.

(Jack Donovan, Leader of the Wolves of Vinland cult)

In a article in “Anti-Facist News”, which is no friend of the Alt-Right,  they reported:

“Spencer himself has discussed queer issues with Donovan many times, where he thinks that gay marriage is a “non-issue” and that we should just move on about the conflict.”

White nationalists are not having it

When he was confronted by white nationalists about why he banned Heimbach and replaced him with Jack Donovan, so that Donovan could lecture them about homosexuality, Richard Spencer stated:

“We do not exclude anyone for, say, being a Buddhist, Pagan, Catholic, or atheist, or for being passionate about gay issues or thinking that they are not important.”

It is unknown why Spencer would think that the gay leader of a satanic blood cult would appeal to conservatives more than a Christian nationalist.

Again, regardless of one’s opinions on gay rights, this does not seem to align with the “Traditional values” that Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer were promoting to any and all mainstream media outlets that would give them publicity right up until their tragic rally.

Richard Spencer’s “National Bolshevism”

(The photo above is the flag of Dugin’s National Bolshevik Party)

Richard Spencer’s favorite philosopher is Alexander Dugin. Spencer’s wife, Nina Kouprianova even translated many of Dugin’s writings.

Who is Alexander Dugin?

(Dugin is on the right, Spencer’s other buddy David Duke is on the left)

Alexander Dugin was the leading organizer of the National Bolshevik Party, National Bolshevik Front, and Eurasia Party. He is a promoter of the political and geopolitical ideology of Eurasianism, which says that America, all nation states and capitalism must be destroyed, and replaced with international socialism.

In “The American Empire Should Be Destroyed”: Alexander Dugin and the Perils of Immanentized Eschatology, the author, James Heiser described  the philosophy in this way:

“Russia must unite around itself all the continental powers, including Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics, Turkey, Iran, and Korea, into grand Eurasian Union strong enough to defeat the West.”

Richard Spencer, the leader of the “Alt-Right”, supports and promotes a communist philosopher whose stated goal is to “defeat the west”. How does this appeal to conservatives, or to defenders of western civilization?

Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents, and Alexander Dugin

Richard Spencer is close friends with Greg Johnson, the editor of the “Counter Currents” website. On “Counter Currents”, Greg Johnson promotes the the writings of the satanist Aleister Crowley, the gay activists Jack Donovan and James O’Meara, author of “The Homo and the Negro“,  and of course, Alexander Dugin.

In 2013, Greg Johnson published an interview with Dugin, in which Dugin said:

I can’t defend the concept of the nation, because the idea of the “nation” is a bourgeois concept..”

We need to attack capitalism as the absolute enemy which was responsible for the creation of the nation as a simulacrum of traditional society, and which was also responsible for its destruction.”

“Soon the world will descend into chaos. The financial system is going to collapse. Disorder, ethnic and social conflicts will be breaking out everywhere. Europe is doomed. Asia is in tumult. The oceans of immigrants everywhere will overthrow the existing order. The present system will be broken and disbanded.”

Dugin also called for the genocide of all white Ukrainians in 2014.

Most Russian nationalists revile both Dugin, and all National Bolsheviks, or “Nazbols”, for their contempt for the nation state, hatred of Christianity  and for wanting to return to communism and the dark days of Stalin.

Richard Spencer, however, is a big fan of Alexander Dugin. He even invited Dugin to speak at a 2014 conference in Budapest, but Dugin was denied a visa, since there are some folks in Hungary who do not have such fond memories of communism.

Spencer’s wife, Nina Kouprianova, is also a huge supporter of Alexander Dugin, and even translates his works into English, so that Americans can get a taste of his anti-American, anti-capitalist, satanic Bolshevism.

Richard Spencer must have a lot of time to ponder the benefits of communism for the rest of us, down in “flyover country”, while he flies back and forth between his condos in Whitefish, Montana and Alexandria, Virginia.

At this time, Richard Spencer’s close friend Greg Johnson is doubling down on defending the actions and statements of both Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, saying that “Unite the Right Did Nothing Wrong”.

How one can defend the actions of Spencer and Kessler, especially after It is unknown why Spencer would think that the gay leader of a satanic blood cult would appeal to conservatives more than a Christian nationalist. Kessler laughed about the death of victim Heather Heyer and said that she was a “communist” and deserved to die in the terrorist attack.

Right now, Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska and some of the other organizers of the Alt-Right rally are begging their deluded followers for money on Twitter. It is hard to imagine how anyone would fall for any of their scams, or the money scam that Kessler was trying to run before he left Twitter.

P.T. Barnum said that there was a “sucker born every minute”. Let’s hope that true conservatives, libertarians and supporters of President Trump don’t join the “Alt-Right” circus again in the future. The leaders care only about their own self-promotion and lining their pockets with donations from the gullible.

Bottom Line

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler will be forever remembered as anti-American, anti-capitalist, socialist provocateurs who failed in their attempt to link conservatives, libertarians, President Trump and all freedom loving Americans with their murderous ideology.

Right or left, liberal or conservative, we are all Americans. And that is what these people hate the most.