Seargent of the Army John Troxell, who I seem to recall as a very young soldier in my unit when I was on active duty, is sending a message to ISIS, a message that would likely have sent him to prison had he even whispered it during the Barack Hussein regime.

SMA Troxell is sending a clear ultimatum to ISIS – you surrender or you die. There is not a third option like waiting until the US walks away and allows the vermin to infect the region again with their culture of rape and murder. There is surrender, in which case the cockroaches will be treated with the dignity that all US prisoners of war enjoy. Or, there is death, “by dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.” OUCH!

In case ISIS hasn’t heard, there is a new sheriff in town and I guarantee you that SMA Troxell’s language, directed at ISIS, is being applauded in the White House, the Pentagon, and in US military units worldwide, as well as by our allies around the globe, in this war that has cost far too much, especially the treasure of all the young lives lost to a barbaric Stone Age cult.

Troxell’s language reminds me a great deal of Colonel Ralph Peters. I don’t know what happened to Colonel Peters (maybe the third video, below), but I am certain that he is also applauding President Trump and his “get tough” policy towards ISIS.

Peters appeared often on Fox News as a military expert and was frequently asked what we do about ISIS. His message was always the same, unequivocal and direct…. KILL ISIS NOW! Kill them all! And do not fear doing it in a brutal way. It is all terrorists understand, the more brutal the method, the more innocent lives likely saved.

Watch the first video to the 1:20 mark as Colonel Peters explains to Bill O’Reilly in unambiguous language that the way to deal with ISIS is by killing them all, leaving behind “smoking ruins and crying widows.”

And Peters does not let ISIS pet goats off the hook either….

Then, there was the time Ralph called Barack Hussein a “pussy” on Fox for not crushing ISIS the way we all knew we could and the way President Trump is getting out of his military’s way and allowing them to do it in whatever manner they see fit….

From The Washington Post

The Pentagon’s senior enlisted service member has issued a blunt warning to Islamic State fighters, saying in new social-media posts that they could either surrender or face death in a number of forms, including being beaten to death with steel entrenching tools.

Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell, the senior enlisted adviser in the Pentagon, issued the warnings on Facebook and Twitter. Senior U.S. officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, have warned Islamic State fighters for months that they must lay down their weapons or face annihilation, but Troxell’s message was unusually forceful.

“ISIS needs to understand that the Joint Force is on orders to annihilate them,” Troxell wrote on Facebook. “So, they have two options should they decide to come up against the United States, our allies and partners: surrender or die!”

Troxell added that the U.S.-led military coalition will provide militants who surrender with safety in a detainee cell, food, a cot and legal due process.

HOWEVER, if they choose not to surrender, then we will kill them with extreme prejudice, whether that be through security force assistance, by dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools,” Troxell wrote. “Regardless, they cannot win, so they need to choose how it’s going to be.”

The posts were published Tuesday night along with a photograph of an entrenching tool — a collapsible shovel used by U.S. troops.

It isn’t the first time that Troxell has issued a warning along those lines. He used the same talking points during a United Services Organization (USO) holiday tour last month in which he and his boss, Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited deployed U.S. troops in numerous locations.

Video recorded by a Stars and Stripes reporter on Dec. 24 in Afghanistan shows Troxell delivering a speech to cheering troops as Dunford and Florent Groberg, a Medal of Honor recipient looked on. Troxell, speaking from a stage, said that ISIS will be “annihilated, period!” before he launched into specifics.

“That may be through advising, assisting and enabling the host-nation partners,” he said. “It may be by dropping bombs on them. It may be by shooting them in the face. And it even might be beating them to death with your entrenching tool, but we are going to beat this enemy!”

The crowd of service members assembled roared in response.

As Dunford’s senior enlisted adviser, Troxell is assigned to serve as a voice for enlisted service members at the Pentagon. He frequently gives U.S. troops fiery pep talks and thanks them for their work, as many sergeants major do.

A spokesman for Dunford and his staff, Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder, could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. It wasn’t clear who Troxell’s intended audience was, but the posts include the new hashtag #ISIS_SurrenderOrDie.

Troxell, who has deployed in combat five times, traveled to Syria twice last year. In October, he visited Raqqa, the Islamic State’s former de facto capital that U.S.-backed forces seized. In comments published by the Pentagon afterward, he said commanders of the U.S.-backed forces were warning the militants to surrender.

“There is no negotiating with these guys,” Troxell said. “They are either going to surrender or they are going to get killed.”