By Thomas Madison

The GOP and RNC have been blessed with a wonderful gift – Donald Trump, who is crushing his competition in the GOP presidential polls. One would think that the GOP would get behind the clear people’s choice candidate and enjoy the glorious ride all the way to the White House. Instead, the RNC and Republican establishment elite are meeting behind closed doors to arrange a “brokered nominating convention.” Translation: “Anyone but Trump!” The fact that Trump is clearly the people’s choice matters not a whit to the career parasites in the GOP. They will deny the voters’ will without a second thought. We the People don’t matter to them at all.

Please sign the petition pledging your support for only Donald Trump, which is being sent directly to Mitch McConnell. Click on the highlighted “” link below to go directly to the petition,

Following is my comment to McConnell, included with my signature to the petition, regarding the clear stupidity of the GOP with their “brokered convention” plan, engineered obviously to exclude Donald Trump from the nomination….

“Donald Trump is obviously the people’s choice! If the GOP denies him the nomination I will vote for him as a third party candidate. If he decides to get out of the race altogether as a result of the GOP’s manipulative BS, I will vote for the Democrat candidate. It is about time the GOP and RNC acknowledge the will of the voters and act accordingly.”

I will vote for the Republican candidate for President under one condition – that candidate is Donald J. Trump!


As of December 10th the Republican National Committee(RNC) are gearing up to to potentially run a “brokered convention” to derail Donald Trump’s campaign. By running a brokered convention, the Republican National Committee will essentially have the chance to elect anyone they so choose, in which case they will choose any candidate that the establishment and special interest sector can influence. This is a gross undermining of the American democratic process and abuse to the conservatives and Republicans that support Donald Trump. But luckily the people have the power, and we must remind the Republican National Committee of that. By pledging to voteonly for Donald Trump and no else, we show our solidarity for Donald Trump and also the capabilities to ruin this election if the Republican National Committee decides to sabotage our primary vote with a “brokered convention”. Either the Republican National Committee can join use or they can lose the election.

Therefore, by signing this petition you hereby pledge to vote only for Donald Trump to demonstrate a stand for solidarity and as a response to the possibility of a brokered convention aimed at taking down Donald Trump.

Link to the petition….