By Thomas Madison

Even though this incident happened over a year ago, I just read about it, and want to share the good news.

Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending? Here’s the storyline….

Once upon a time, a scumbag needed money, so he cased a Houston convenience store, finding it to be what he believed was a lucrative and easy target.

Returning┬álater that night, said scumbag walked into the store with a loaded shotgun, pointing it at the clerk, who is the store owner’s daughter, demanding cash from the register.

The store owner, who had a legal handgun, was seated on a partially concealed sofa with his 20-year old son. Senor scumbag didn’t see them. Pop quickly handed the gun to his son, who promptly shot the robber in the leg.

A gunfight ensued. The son shot the robber again, this time in the other leg, which caused the robber to collapse. For good measure, the son shot the robber again and took the shotgun from him.

Scumbag was able to crawl to the front of the store, where he expired, never to terrorize anyone again.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

The end

UPDATE: Even though a grand jury considered charging Usman Seth, the store owner’s son, it is hard to imagine that any charges would be referred in such a clear case of self defense, especially since it occurred in Texas. I can’t find the grand jury’s decision in this case anywhere. If anyone knows, please email me so that I can update the story.