So, I posted this meme, above, on Powdered Wig’s facebook page, and received a comment which provoked the following dialogue:

Critic: No, not even wikilinks itself has claimed the above. And his family has all but begged people to stop politicizing his death. Yeah, good luck with that…smh

Powdered Wig SocietyYes, he did. Speaking to a Dutch reporter (video, below) about the Seth Rich murder, Assange declared, “Our sources take risks.” Immediately the reporter asks, “Was he one of your sources?” Assange begins to nod, then quickly plays safe and says, “We don’t comment on who our sources are.”

I don’t know how much clearer it could be made. It is a fact that Wikileaks exists. It is a fact that Wikileaks often relies on inside sources from the organizations it exposes. It is a fact that Seth Rich worked for the DNC as a data analyst with access to sensitive information. It is a fact that Wikileaks exposed the DNC for its complicity in securing the nomination for Hitlery Clinton. It is a fact that Seth Rich was murdered in Washington mere days before the Wikileaks release of the incriminating DNC emails.

Anyone refuting any possible connection between Seth Rich’s murder and the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails is simply blind or is favoring a liberal agenda.