Jeff Sessions has a warning for Paul Ryan and Republican leaders who won’t get behindDonald Trump:  They’ll struggle to hold onto their jobs.

In an interview with Politico’s podcast “Off Message”  posted on Tuesday, the Alabama Republican — who in February became the first U.S. senator to endorse Trump — said that the billionaire has become the face of the Republican party, and it was time for the House speaker (and others who were resisting) to accept that.

“I think [Ryan] needs to recognize, on some of these issues, Trump is where the Republicans are, and if you’re going to be a Republican leader, you should be supportive of that,” Sessions said. “My advice is to listen and accept the will of the American people, the Republican voters — the Republican Party is the Republican voters.”

Sessions also had four words for the House Speaker saying that Trump needed to show conservatives he shared the same values: “Give me a break!”

“A lot of our drift within our party has gotten away from [the will of the voters] … I think the leaders in all parties tend to adjust to reality. They just have to or they won’t remain in office. … Already many are sensing it,” he added.

Jeff Sessions is now the betting favorite to be Donald Trump’s Vice President, powering ahead of Newt Gingrich, who collapsed from 1st place to 4th.