An ounce of visionary intuition is worth a ton of scientific analysis.

Let the investment geeks with their computers and copious analytical data flood the marketplace with charts and graphs, predicting the next bust or boom. I will take the gut feeling advice of an experienced visionary every time!

Exactly five years ago civilian Donald Trump urged his Twitter followers to buy real estate NOW, predicting that the market had bottomed out and opportunities were aplenty for those with the wherewithal to capitalize.

He nailed it!

From the rarely Trump-friendly Washington Post, via The Gateway Pundit….

It’s perhaps only in this era of mature social media that we can suddenly be presented with such a pristine opportunity to evaluate someone’s predictive powers. Trump wanted us to check the housing market in five years? Okay. Let’s.

Using the Federal Reserve’s endlessly useful data tool, we pulled data on housing prices from 2004 to 2017. (Why 2004? To show the pre-recession gains.)

We can start with the House Price Index. Trump’s tweet about buying housing happened in the second quarter of 2012 — at the index’s low. (The recession is indicated by a light blue box.)