Beware, Trump fans. If you see this email, be very careful. We will try to vet this better in the next day or two, but as of now, I would steer clear of this site and I would never give them my credit card info.

From Powdered Wig contributor Joe LaVeque

WARNING: Email SCAM ALERT I just received an email from the Trump Team that appeared to VERY official. I completed the required form and started to provide my credit card info – then I stopped and looked at the email address which turned on the caution light in my brain.

I Googled the email address to find that it just may be a scam! Victoryemails has been flagged as a scam.

Trump Supporters beware! Email text: Our country doesn’t win anymore, (your name here). We are losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year to China. Mexico is beating us at the border and on trade. It feels like every day in the news another company is leaving our great nation. We are losing millions of jobs, and it is time for this to STOP. This will all change when Donald Trump is elected President. We will start winning again. We are going to start winning so much that you are going to get used to winning!

Donald Trump went the entire primary without asking a single person for a penny, because he was not beholden to anyone but YOU – the American people. But here’s the problem: Crooked Hillary and her cronies are raising $2 billion to try to stop us. That’s why we are asking you to contribute $35 and become a Founding Member of our campaign: