Better late than never.

I recall early in the Republican primary season and even through the general election Rush Limbaugh and other conservative voices, like Beck and Levin, slamming candidate Trump for a variety of reasons, from not knowing the Constitution (which was their own stupidity) to being a liberal (more stupidity) to being a centrist (wrong again) to being in the pockets of Wall Street (they had to have been on dope to say that) to yada, yada ad nauseam.

While it is clear that their jumbo egos prevent them from admitting they were wrong, it is good to see at least one admit that President Trump is keeping his word, is a fearless leader, and is on the right track.

Can you imagine a former Trump-basher saying this?…. “We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations.”

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As reported by Newsmax, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh praised President Donald Trump’s solo news conference Thursday as “just what the doctor ordered” – lauding his blistering criticism of a press corps that’s “in that room to destroy him.”

After broadcasting the press conference live, Limbaugh, in his daily program, delivered a ringing endorsement of the president’s media takedown.

“Just what the doctor ordered,” Limbaugh declared. “This is Donald Trump going over the head of the media right to the American people, advancing his domestic agenda and being totally transparent….”

“They’re in that room to destroy him, whether they want to admit it or not,” Limbaugh said of the press. “And there were three or four questions today that I heard that left no doubt that’s what the purpose was.”

Limbaugh charged the national media “has gotten to the point where they need a watchdog.”

“And it turns out that Trump is the watchdog,” Limbaugh said. “Trump is the guy holding them accountable. Trump is the guy calling them out.”

“We’ve not seen anything like this, and Trump did it with an air of confidence and self-assuredness. He was not nervous at all. He was having fun with them. He was toying with them.”

“We got one of the best administrations in the history of administrations,” Limbaugh said.

“He’s reassuring his people he’s on top ever and nothing’s changed, and everything that he campaigned on he is doing. All he’s doing is fulfilling campaign promises. And of course the Democrats don’t like it, and of course the media doesn’t like it, but it isn’t gonna stop him.”