More states are now piling on, proposing legislation legalizing running over protesters blocking public roadways, according to CNN.

Good! Thousands of busy people missed flights due to blocked roadways at airports across the country.

At the end of CNN’s article a brain-dead beast of an attorney for the ACLU claims that such laws will violate “the will of the people.”

I’m not sure where the ACLU attorney, Lee Rowland (pictured above) received her law degree, but she should sue for a full refund plus damages.

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According to Ms. Rowland, “We are seeing an alarming trend of state bills introduced with the purpose or effect of criminalizing peaceful protest — an act that lies at the very core of the First Amendment’s protections,” Lee Rowland, senior staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, told CNN in an email.

Rowland said these proposals, if passed, will ‘undoubtedly’ be struck down by courts for violating the First Amendment.”

The will of WHAT people, Lee? The 100 protesters who are preventing 1,000 people from catching their flights? Those “people,” Lee? So, the 1,000 people have no rights, just the 100 assholes forcing their will upon those 1,000 people?

Last time I checked, forcing your will upon someone else is illegal. You know, like rape, not that you need to worry about that. The First Amendment does not include denying others their rights. Isn’t that correct, Lee?

Would it be OK for me to sit on you and prevent you from getting to the pizza shop to pick up your pizza before they close? I’m just exercising my First Amendment rights. Sure, I am forcing my will upon you and denying you your rights, but that’s OK in Leeland, right?

Of course not! That is ridiculous. In the first place I would never want to get between you and a pizza. I know how very dangerous that could be. Secondly, I believe you may outweigh me by a couple hundred pounds, so I doubt I could pull it off to begin with. I am just speaking hypothetically. Just sayin!