By Thomas Madison

OK, so it’s “Beat up on Mitt Romney Week.” Month. Year. He deserves every bit of condemnation coming his way for his disgraceful collusion with moneyed establishment parasites who are intent upon maintaining the corrupt status quo that is killing America.

Now Paul Ryan is jumping into the anti-Trump mix. Neither Romney or Ryan, or any of the other Republican parasites, can pin down any specifics on why they hate Trump, just that he is “dangerous” and “reckless.” The reason they can’t nail down any specifics is because they can’t tell you the truth. Same old song and dance. Dangerous and reckless? Most dangerous and reckless people are broke and/or in jail. Donald Trump is worth over $10 billion and living like a king. And We the People are the beneficiaries of this wealthy patriot.

The TRUTH is the beltway career parasites can’t tell you the truth. They MUST lie, disguising the true purpose of their intent to prevent the election of Donald Trump in “dangerous” and “reckless” language.¬†They know that The Donald will do all he can to derail the corrupt gravy train they have been riding for decades, and they won’t give up the gravy train without a fight. It’s all they know. Why get a real job when all they have to do is shmooze K Street lobbyists and make a fortune on the backs of the people who sent them to Washington? It is sick and it is corrupt, and Donald Trump aims to change it!

The fact that the parasites (I refuse to call them the “establishment” any longer. Let’s call them what they really are.) are trying to take down Donald Trump makes the picture crystal clear. Do NOT believe for a second that the parasites have the best interest of their host (YOU!) in mind. If this isn’t clear to you, God Help you and your children and grandchildren!