By Thomas Madison

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to approve of Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance. His primary job is to generate maximum revenue for the NFL. A secondary part of his job is to ensure that the NFL provides a pleasant experience for its fans and most certainly is not offensive to those fans, the vast majority of which are Caucasian.¬†

If Goodell approved Beyonce’s halftime embarrassment, glorifying the uber-racist Black Panthers, he is incompetent. If the didn’t approve of Beyonce’s halftime performance and it went on anyway, he is incompetent. No matter how you cut it, Goodell is incompetent.

NFL players are not exactly on food stamps. They make a ton o’ jack! Check this link to see who is making what. Now, check out the stadium attendance¬†across the league, averaging about 70,000 fans per game, again, most of which are Caucasians, the target of Beyonce’s offensive halftime spectacle.

With average ticket prices in the nosebleed range of a low (Kansas City) of $125 per ticket to a high (Seattle) of $438, the range of per-game ticket revenue is from a low of $9,260,750 (Kansas City) to a high (Seattle) of $30,230,760…. PER HOME GAME! This does not include other revenue sources, like TV contracts, which are huge.

The video, below, is a Black Panther demonstration, where the murder of white people and their babies is openly advocated. Sounds like terroristic threatening to me. This is not the only video of the Black Panthers advocating the murder of white people. Search youtube and you will find many others. These are the cockroaches that Beyonce glorified onstage, with the permission of the Goodell and the NFL.

What happens to the NFL if it loses half of its revenue to this stupidity? It will not be able to honor its contracts and will eventually go the way of the dinosaur and the USFL.

Genocide is not a joke, and should certainly not be supported by the NFL, nor any organization, the survival of which is dependent upon the very people it is thoughtlessly offending.

I, for one, have watched my last Super Bowl. In fact, I will never watch another NFL game, in person or on the air, EVER! And I was a huge fan. I’m finished. I will stick to college football now. Much more entertaining, anyway.