By Thomas Madison

In the following article by Powdered Wig contributor Rod Eccles, Mr. Eccles speculates that “more people are killed using knives, or from medical malpractice/mistakes, drug over doses, abortion, and automobile accidents. Yet I do not see or hear anyone calling for tighter control over knives.”

Very true, and the answer to the riddle of why tyrants have not attempted to outlaw knives is self-evident. One man, properly trained in the use of a firearm, is far more dangerous to the career parasite tyrants than an army of knife-wielding patriots. Firearms first, knives second, straight jackets third.

Our Second Amendment was not established by that divinely-inspired assemblage of benevolent geniuses to guarantee the right to hunt squirrels, but rather as a last resort to resist the tyranny that will surely be visited upon America should we abandon our vigilance and allow the career parasites to strip us of our individual and collective right to self defense. Only constant vigilance and a clearly understood duty to preserve the Second Amendment for future generations will provide that protection.

It is our Second Amendment that protects all the others.

Why owning a Firearm is not just a Constitutional Right, but a God-given Right.

By Rod Eccles


Over the last few weeks, there has been a firestorm of controversy about guns in the USA.  Now let’s just forget about the Second Amendment for now.  Let’s just forget about the Constitution as a whole, for a second.

I know what many of you are saying the whole reason we have guns is because of the Constitution, but I am here to tell you that is not true.  In fact, the very notion that it is written in the Constitution that we can have guns is exactly what puts that protected right in danger.

Of course, I do not advocate changing or getting rid of that amendment because it needs to stay and it needs to stay as it is written. However, travel down the road of logic with me for a moment.  You and I are children of God right?  Oh, you do not believe in God?  OK, then you are a child of Mother Earth.  Frankly it does not matter what God you believe in because you are a child of that deity.

With that, you and I are born with certain inalienable rights.  In other words, you and I are born with the right to live. Now in order to live, you must have the same inalienable right to protect and preserve your life.  Of course, that right does not need to come at the expense of someone else’s identical rights unless that person is actively trying to extinguish your right to live.

When someone else is trying to violate your right to live, then you have a right to protect that deity given life by any means necessary.  That means you have the deity given right to have a weapon of your choice in order to protect your deity given right to life.  That weapon could be the human invention called a firearm.

We know for certain with data and facts that guns are not the major cause of death in this country or any other nation.  If you want to talk about governments killing their own people with guns, well that is another topic. But when it comes to crime guns are not the biggest threat to that life right. Today more people are killed using knives, or from medical malpractice/mistakes, drug over doses, abortion, and automobile accidents.

Yet I do not see or hear anyone calling for tighter control over knives.  I don’t see or hear the left bringing stricter rules and laws governing abortions.  I don’t hear or see anyone trying to ban automobiles and I don’t hear or see anyone on the left limiting medical treatment in order to prevent malpractice or mistakes.  In fact, when it comes to that last one, the left want even more medical malpractice/mistakes because they are requiring everyone to have some kind of medical coverage or insurance.

You see, you have a deity given right to protect your own life.  And you have a right to use any weapon available to you in order to achieve that right when someone tries to violate that right by ending your life prematurely.

This has nothing to do with the Constitution.  However, the Founders knew this and figured if they did not put this inalienable right down on paper that the government would try to eliminate your inalienable right to life.

Make no mistake about it I am a full advocate of gun ownership by individuals not only in this country but in every country all over the world.  And the very fact that you have Liberals and Leftists who want to take away your deity given right to protect your own life, should give us all pause.

Keep in mind that not a single new proposed law or existing law would have prevented the latest mass shootings anywhere in the country.  So you have to ask if existing laws and newly proposed laws would not have prevented the horrific crimes, what exactly is the plan?

Make no mistake about it, when these new laws are enacted and don’t work to prevent these same crimes, the left will push to change, eliminate the second Amendment, and then move to ban all guns for individuals because that is their end game .

They want to control your right to life.  Mostly because they, on the left, do not believe you have a right to live because they believe they have the right to choose who lives and who does not live. And this is why the ability to own a firearm is not just a Constitutional right, it is a deity given right.  It is a God-given right.

Don’t doubt me.