Please forward this article to any and all you know, in particular those still on the fence who have not decided which presidential candidate they will be voting for.

Powdered Wig was contacted today by a former member of Donald Trump’s security detail. His unsolicited letter follows.

I would like to remind all reading Robert’s letter, below, that this is not an isolated case of former Trump employees heaping praise and respect upon Donald Trump, his family, and the entire Trump organization.

Letter to Powdered Wig from Robert Anthony Lane….

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“In the year 2000 I had the privilege of working on Mr. Trump’s security staff in the Trump Tower. Let me just say that he is a real man, a real boss, and a real caring and loving person.

He and his personal bodyguard Matt Calamari (now Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President) treated us like family and when we came into contact with Mr. Trump we addressed him as Mr. Trump, or Sir, not because it was something we were told to do, but rather out of respect. I hold Mr Trump in the highest regard.

On 9/13/2001 I was walking out of the pile of concrete, steel, glass, and human debris that was Ground Zero as Mr. Trump was walking in. I think he was with Kevin or Brian (bodyguards), not sure which, but I addressed Mr. Trump and gave him a few breathing masks, then exited the site. This was months after I left the TRUMP organization for family issues.

No more then one hour later I was receiving calls from Trump Tower stating that Mr. Trump was very proud to see me lending a hand to help our people and that they would like me to come back to work in the TRUMP organization.

This is personal for me, and as a 100% disabled veteran fighting medical bills that the VA refuses to pay I know I need a man like Mr. Trump to stick up for people like me and for the rest of our great nation. God Bless Mr. Trump and God Bless America!”