Due process is trampled on and even denied in many sexual assault cases in America, nowhere more so than our colleges and universities. All a female has to do is make an accusation and a male college student is left to fight for his life. If he is unable to PROVE his innocence, which is often the case in sexual assault cases, his life is in the hands of a judge or jury, and it may very well be off to the slammer for him. That’s the due process part.

On college campuses, our Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, does not exist for young men. If a female claims sexual assault, no further evidence is needed to punish the defendant with any manner of punishment, including expulsion.

The Duke lacrosse case is a perfect example. The lives of several young men were destroyed by a female stripper/hooker making a clearly false allegation of gang rape against members of the Duke lacrosse team. It took DNA evidence to exonerate the young men. Luckily, it was available. The accuser’s underwear was tested and found to contain several semen samples, none of which belonged to any of the defendants.

President Trump and Secretary DeVos are absolutely correct in returning constitutionally-guaranteed due rights to ALL college students.

Title IX is a steaming pile of political correctness that has altered life on America’s college campuses, and not for the better. Included in Title IX is gender equity in athletics, whereby male athletic programs can offer no more scholarships than are offered female athletic programs, a rule that has caused many colleges and universities to end their football programs, due to the number of scholarships required to be competitive at the Division I level. Let’s face it, men’s sports are more popular than women’s sports and make much more money to pay for scholarships, particularly football. It has created a mess and a clear case of discrimination against men.

Gender equity is only one of the problems with Title IX. The most egregious fault in the flawed legislation is the denial of due process for young men in sexual assault cases.

From The Washington Times

A lawyer in Texas who disagrees with the Trump administration’s plan to reform how accusations of sexual assault are adjudicated on campus said he would “be ok” if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos were sexually assaulted.

Rob Ranco, a partner at the Carlson Law Firm, suggested Mrs. DeVos does not fully grasp how serious of a crime rape is, and that she might come to a different policy conclusion if she did.

“I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted,” Mr. Ranco said in a tweet on Friday evening.

“Perhaps Betsy doesn’t understand how horrible rape is,” Mr. Ranco said in another tweet. “She’s made the world more dangerous for my daughters. I need her to understand.”

“Make the world more dangerous for my daughters — intentionally — and your well being is not my concern,” he continued. “Full stop.”

Mr. Ranco cut off access to his Twitter account sometime early on Saturday morning when the tweets drew significant criticism.


Mrs. DeVos announced on Thursday an initiative to overhaul Obama administration Title IX guidances compelling colleges and universities to curtail due process protections for students accused of sexual assault.

 The education secretary said she would issue a public notice aimed at reforming the regulatory framework ushered in by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights beginning in 2011.

“This unraveling of justice is shameful, it is wholly un-American, and it is anathema to the system of self-governance to which our founders pledged their lives over 240 years ago,” Mrs. DeVos said in a speech at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School in Arlington, Virginia. “There must be a better way forward.”