By Thomas Madison

Since The Donald phenomenon has taken America by storm over the past few months, several disturbing realities have been revealed, chief among them that the RNC is not the bastion of conservative philosophy its rank and file members once believed it to be. Instead, it is a Good Old Boys Club, filled with slimeball career parasites, no better than the corrupt labor unions they feign disgust for.

Serial loser Reince Priebus (sounds like a naughty body part), Chairclown of the Republican National Committee, has made it clear that anyone who refuses to pledge to not run as a third party candidate might not get an invite to future GOP debates. Such is the level of fear and hatred of Donald Trump among career parasite Republicans.

Apparently complicit in the crusade to destroy Donald Trump, Fox News showed its hand early with Brett Baier’s carefully-worded question at the beginning of Debate One:

Who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge not to run an independent campaign against that person? Raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight.

Note the very biased wording of the question. Baier did not ask candidates, “Who is willing tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party?” That would have been a fair question, there would have been nine hands raised, and Donald Trump would not have been so much the center of attention. Instead, the question was who will NOT make the pledge, an obviously engineered question designed to embarrass and humiliate one person, Donald Trump, standing front and center, all alone, in the spotlight, with his hand raised.

I had no idea Fox News had the capacity for that sort of clearly prejudicial yellow journalism. Fair and balanced, my ass!

So, as it is now playing out, the agenda of Fox News and the Republican leadership is to conspire to destroy Donald Trump. What candidate in his right mind would agree to not run third party with friends like that?

Here is what I would do if I were Donald Trump:

1. Bail on the Republican Party NOW! Or at least soon. It is a hopeless cause. Unless, by some miracle, the Republicans come to their senses, Trump will not be their candidate, even if he is polling at 50%. I really don’t understand why the Republicans are not getting behind their frontrunner and enjoying the glorious ride all the way to the White House. The only answer can be that Reince Priebus is a moron! Let him and the RNC drown in their own waste. Be done with them. It was with great joy that I instructed the last RNC telemarketer to call me, looking for money, to tell Reince Priebus to pound sand.

2. Schedule an hour of airtime on one of the major networks, preferably in the same time slot as the next GOP debate. Trump would own it, control it, and he gets to answer relevant questions, and there will be no Barbie slut there to shamelessly attack him for wrestling a fat pig. Trump is the news. He will dominate the ratings. In fact, I would not be surprised to see him swing a deal whereby whichever network he chooses will pay him millions instead of vice versa.

Neither stale, worn-out party of career parasites is equipped to compete with Donald Trump. He is one of the world’s great marketing magicians, surrounded by an army of creative geniuses and top-notch pollsters who have a minute-by-minute finger on the American electorate, which has been starving for a leader who thinks America first. He can outspend both parties, combined, 5 to 1…. ON HIS OWN! Not that he will need to. I will be happy to contribute to the American renaissance. The Donald is not only polling well among Republicans, he is also gaining support among independents, which will mushroom if and when he declares third party. A large segment of disgusted Democrat voters is also looking for an answer to the corruption and incompetence that is Washington.

In a three-way race, I see Donald Trump winning. Whichever lame candidate the Democrats decide to run, he or she will make a poor showing, with many disgusted Democrats not showing up at the polls, and many who do, voting for Trump in protest. The Republican candidate will take third place. Good job, idiot Republicans!

And that will be the last gasp of the once great Republican Party, the party that Ronald Reagan rebuilt.