Youtube is forever, Susan! Rice admits that Barack Hussein ordered the surveillance of Team Trump.

Andrea Mitchell: “Did the pace of unmasking requests accelerate toward the end of the White House tenure?”

Susan Rice: “I can’t say the pace of unmasking requests would accelerate, but if you’re asking were there more reports provided to senior US officials after the President requested the compilation of the intelligence which was ultimately provided in January, yes. What happened was as the IC (Intelligence Community) went about the business of fulfilling the President’s request for such a report, they went back and scrubbed more reports, they began to provide more such reports to American officials, including myself.”

There has also been much talk about Barack Hussein’s convenient vacation to non-extradition French Polynesia, where he is currently holed up, as some believe, to avoid arrest and extradition. I’ve got news for those who believe that being in a non-extradition country is going to keep Obama safe. If President Trump wants Hussein arrested, he is going to be arrested, one of two likely ways…. most likely, he will order his Director of the Secret Service (he will likely run the order through DHS, as that would be the proper chain-of-command) to instruct the Secret Service detail that is with Hussein to arrest him. Or, he may send in a task force of Rangers and SEALs to apprehend Hussein if it looks like a more difficult operation. You can be certain that if President Trump wants to arrest Hussein there is no place on this planet that he can hide.