H/T Breitbart, via Sandi Trend

Reuters was THE news feed at the predominantly black Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit Saturday, where Donald Trump was in attendance.

Nearly all reporting of Saturday’s service at the church, including Trump’s unifying remarks to the congregation, came from Reuters’ news feed.

Near the end of the service, Bishop Wayne Jackson presented the presidential candidate with a prayer shawl and a Jewish Bible, a very thoughtful gift.

In the video below you can clearly hear the cameraman being told to cut the feed, ostensibly due to the positive optics of the presentation. The cameraman refuses, explaining, “He’s getting a shawl.”

Again the person speaking to the cameraman tells him to cut the feed, and he refuses: “I’m shooting this. I don’t care what. I’ll take a demotion for this.”

Again the cameraman is told to stop filming, and he replies, “Shut this down?”

“Shut it, yeah!” says the other person.

“What,” responds the cameraman, and is told, “Yes, Michael, do it!” And the feed ends.

Maybe I am being hypersensitive from all of the Trump-hating that is going on within our media, which is trying to shove its anti-Trump bias down our throats, but this is hard to ignore.