By Thomas Madison

As amazing as it may sound there are millions of American voters who do not understand the difference between a capitalist and a socialist.

If you are among those confused and wonder where Donald Trump’s patriotism lies, if you believe, as many uninformed voters do, that TrumpĀ is a liberalĀ and always has been a liberal, watch this 1988 Oprah segment sent from Powdered Wig reader, Joe LaVeque.

This is not hype, nor propaganda, nor spin, nor BS. This is Donald Trump calling it like he sees it and feels it on prime time TV.

This is just a side note, but is it simply a coincidence that the lady pictured, front and center in the video, below, has even wilder hair than The Donald. LOL! Looks like they could be brother and sister!

H/T Joe LaVeque