Weighing in on the Democrat Party’s latest blatant lie about Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin declared that “this spread of false stories is an obvious hoax. Trump, when he came to Moscow…. he wasn’t any sort of political figure…. he was just a businessman, one of America’s rich people. Trump arrived and straight away rushed to meet with Moscow prostitutes?”

Then, displaying a sly wit, Putin added that Trump is “an adult man, first of all, and apart from that, is a man who, for many years took part in organizing beauty contests. He has socialized with the most beautiful women in the world. I find it difficult to believe that he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls of reduced social responsibility, although here also we have the best ones in the world.”

Putin added that “people who order hoaxes of that kind that are now spread against the US President-elect…. are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral limitations.”