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Elizabeth is an “Activist Mom.” Her current activist mission is having Teen Vogue magazine pulled from retail store shelves for publishing an article instructing children 11 to 17 (Teen Vogue’s target audience) how to have anal sex. The following is from Elizabeth’s facebook page, which can be found HERE….

Elizabeth is an Activist Vlogger who educates about current events and topics that are important to families. She and her husband Patrick, who is a medical doctor, speak at conferences and events and lead a pro-life ministry to rescue children from abortion. Elizabeth homeschools her 10 beautiful children.

I make videos. I rant. I speak places. I love my 10 kids and my hubby. I do it all because of Jesus. I am The Activist Mommy. www.ActivistMommyOfficial.com

“PULL TEEN VOGUE” is underway! Teen Vogue Magazine must be pulled from all store shelves! It is a danger to children. Please SHARE to warn others.
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