Photo, above: Peter Rondon led away by police at Donald Trump rally, image via Twitter.

From Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit

A man arrested for disrupting a rally Wednesday night in Worcester, Massachusetts by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year in prison for a 2005 attempt to blow up a Marine Recruiting Center in Worcester.

Local media and TurtleBoy Sports reported on the background of Peter Rondon, 29.

MassLive posted details about Rondon’s arrest Wednesday and the attempted bombing.

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“Police removed Rondon after he stood on his chair and started yelling “racist,” according to a police report. Police said he was deliberately pushing and bumping people around him.

“Rondon was forcefully removed from the event by police.

“Court records show Rondon was arrested in 2005 after being found in a third floor bathroom of a recruiting facility on Park Avenue with four gallons of gasoline connected by several wires.

“A Marine recruiter told police Rondon, who had signed up to be a Marine but hadn’t yet completed training, called him to the bathroom where he found him with the makeshift device, court records said.

“Rondon was charged with possessing an infernal device and attempted arson and pleaded guilty in 2006. He was sentenced to serve 1 year in the House of Corrections and placed on probation for 5 years.”

Rondon told the Worcester Telegram & Gazette he was peacefully protesting and that he had filed a complaint with police against people who ‘tackled’ him as he protested Trump.

“Mr. Rondon described standing up from his seat on the DCU main floor and shouting, “Trump’s a racist!” He said Mr. Trump’s staffers and supporters pushed him to the ground three times and told him to stop shouting, but never asked him to leave. He said he filed a complaint with the Worcester Police Department charging those who tackled him in the audience with physically assaulting him.

“I had a ticket to the event. I was there. I was peacefully protesting,” Mr. Rondon said.”

(Link to 2005 Telegram & Gazette article on Rondon’s arrest that reported the bomb was ‘incomplete’.)

TurtleBoy Sports, which broke the story of the Worcester woman who put out a call for Trump to be killedwhen he came to town, had a spirited report on Rondon taking on the Telegram & Gazette.

TurtleBoy Sports linked to several videos of Rondon’s protest and a statement by Rondon. This video captures the rage of the ‘peaceful’ protest well.