A “strange bedfellow” gathering of GOP party leaders and donors met in Park City, Utah in an attempt to unify the party and kick off the joint Trump/RNC fundraising effort, organized by Mitt Romney.

Not everyone was there to unify the party. Perennial loser, Benedict Romney, was nearly in tears, leaning on the tired refrain that The Donald is a racist and misogynist. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Give it a break, Ben!

Not exactly a politically correct shrinking violet, and known for returning tenfold when attacked, The Donald referred to the candidate he supported in 2012, both morally and financially, as a “stone cold loser” who “choked like a dog.”

Then, out the other side of his mouth, AP reports that schizoid Ben Romney predicted Trump would receive 90% of the Republican vote in November.

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So much for party unity.

Paul Rino was also on hand. Holding his nose, Rino recently endorsed Donald Trump, for two reasons, I’m sure….

  1. The backlash from Mom and Pop Republicans regarding Rino’s Never Trump position has been overwhelming. Trump is the peoples’ choice. Rino knows it and has said it. Public support is the one thing an elitist, insider politician cannot resist. That and lobbyist cash.
  2. Paul Rino has an election coming up and a very, very serious primary challenger in wealthy Wisconsin patriot Paul Nehlen.

Struggling to find the party unity that elitist scumbags like Benedict Romney are resisting, Reince Priebus said it best when he addressed the crybabies: Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States “with or without you!”

Well said, Mr. Chairman. Now if they would only get it!

From The Washington Post

Mitt Romney warned that a Donald Trump presidency could normalize racism, misogyny and bigotry in the national conscience. Businesswoman Meg Whitman compared the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to Adolf Hitler. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) was asked, uncomfortably, how he could explain his endorsement of Trump to a young child.

Then came Trump’s boosters, awkwardly imploring about 300 business executives and GOP establishment donors and strategists gathered here for Romney’s annual ideas festival to unite for the fall campaign. In a stroke of defiance, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared that Trump and the GOP would win in November “with or without you,” according to attendees.

So went the three-day Romney-hosted E2 summit that concluded here Saturday in this luxurious mountaintop resort. The confab put on stark display the Republican Party’s moral and philosophical divisions over its new standard-bearer and underscored the difficulty that Trump and allies such as Priebus will have to consolidate forces at the start of a general election in which Democrat Hillary Clinton is favored.

Anthony Scaramucci, a New York financier who was one of Romney’s top funders in 2012, came to Park City seeking to galvanize his old friends to help him raise money for Trump. He likened the atmosphere here to the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went after former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney who had suggested the billionaire was a racist. (Reuters)

“I feel like Jon Snow, trying to get the Wildlings to team up with the kings of the castles,” Scaramucci said.

Recalling what he told Romney loyalists, Scaramucci said: “Your father just got slayed by your uncle, whom you don’t really like, and your uncle is now in charge. You’ve got the White Walkers descending from the north and they’re coming to hunt you and all the living. What do you do? Do you fight with your uncle or band together and fight the White Walkers?”

Romney made clear he would rather fight his uncle, figuratively speaking. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee was emotional here Saturday as he delivered an impassioned case against Trump. He said the business mogul’s campaign rhetoric — the latest example being his accusations of bias by a federal judge because of his Mexican American heritage — is so destructive that it is fraying at the nation’s moral fabric and could lead to “trickle-down racism.”

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“I love what this country is built upon, and its values — and seeing this is breaking my heart,” Romney told summit attendees, according to the Associated Press.

Trump punched back at Romney at his Saturday rally in Tampa, calling him “poor, sad, Mitt Romney” and a “stone-cold loser.”

Scaramucci and other Romney associates supportive of Trump, including Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC member from Massachusetts, have pleaded with Romney to tone down his opposition in the interest of party unity.