I have been a supporter of Donald Trump since the day of the now-famous escalator ride and announcement of his candidacy and platform. Against all odds, Trump prevailed.

Against a gauntlet of sixteen of the best and brightest Republican candidates ever assembled, Trump prevailed.

Against the Clinton machine and their anointed heiress to the throne, Trump prevailed.

Against the nefarious, corrupt, and what now appear illegal activities of Barack Hussein and his entire administration, including the FBI and Department of Justice, Trump prevailed.

Against the entire Democrat Party, Trump prevailed.

Against Rinos in Congress who slammed their own party’s candidate repeatedly and declared that they could not support him, Trump prevailed.

Against a vicious, corrupted, and biased media, which ridiculed his every move, and still does. It was very frustrating, even depressing sometimes, to be a Trump supporter. There were not many of us. Fox News was the only media friend of conservatives in the early going, and they laughed at Donald Trump. Charles Krauthammer called him a “rodeo clown.” Dana Perino sneered in contempt at the mention of his name. And yet, Trump prevailed.

Nothing short of Divine Providence can account for this triumph against such overwhelming odds. That is my opinion, but I challenge anyone to offer another explanation.

Those of us who supported Donald Trump from the beginning took much heat for it. I lost longtime conservative friends over that support. I said then, and stand by it today, that Donald Trump will be among the greatest presidents in American history, better even than Ronald Reagan. He brings far more to the table than Reagan brought. Reagan’s single advantage over Trump was communication. No one was ever better at communicating with the public than Ronald Reagan, to be expected of a career actor, not to diminish Reagan’s other talents. He was my commander-in-chief nearly my entire time on active duty in the Army and I loved the man and still do, and am very grateful for all that he did for America.

Trump is a joke and a clown compilation….

Readers often argued with me that my support for Donald Trump was misplaced. I always asked their objection to Trump. Most found him arrogant and conceited, and some simply┬ásaid that he is not “nice.” I asked what that had to do with running a country and their responses were typically personal insults against myself and Donald Trump. I always drew the following analogy….

What would they do if they had just been diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor which required immediate and dangerous surgery? Would they choose the nicest person they know to perform the surgery, who might be their pastor or plumber, or would they choose the very best brain surgeon available, who may very well be arrogant and conceited, as those personal characteristics are often born of great success and acclaim?

I never received a single answer to that question, only more personal insults.

I have wondered when those who were so wrong about Donald Trump would admit it. It takes a person of great character to eat so much crow. Dennis Prager is a man of such character….