By Thomas Madison

The die is cast. The party’s over. The fat lady is fixin’ to take the stage.

Immediately following the debate, Matt Drudge polled his readers, “WHO IS YOUR REPUBLICAN PICK FOR PRESIDENT?” Although absent from the debate, The Donald wins again! To put it mildly, he is killing it. Ditching the debate appears to have paid huge dividends. Shortly after the debate ended, 11,600 Drudge Report readers voted in Matt’s poll and a clear majority of 58% choose Trump!

This is a running poll, so as of this updated posting at 10:45 AM, EDT, 1/29/2016, the poll of 780,000 Drudge readers stands at 63% for Trump. His nearest competitor is Ted Cruz at 18%. In football parlance that is called an “old-fashioned ass-whippin’. We will continue to update this post.

UPDATE: As of 3:45 AM EDT, 1/30/2016, 1.3 million readers have been polled, with 61% choosing Trump, 19% choosing Cruz.