Democrat senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota have caved and are pledging their support to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

They join Rand Paul who has also flipped his vote and will now support Pompeo, who Paul declares has won his support because he has admitted that the Iraq war was a mistake. Weird that that is what it took to change Paul’s mind, but whatever it takes, I reckon.

On a side note, I have never understood why Joe Manchin remains in the Democrat Party. He is from a red state, votes with Republicans half of the time, and is more conservative than liberal. Yet, he hangs out with the scum in the party of the KKK that voted against civil rights, the party of abortion, the Clintons and Barack Hussein. If Manchin had switched parties months ago I believe he would be sailing to an easy re-election. Instead, he is in a dogfight.

Pompeo should have been unanimously confirmed already. What other Secretary of State nominee in American history has made a dangerous trip abroad to convince a violent communist dictator to disarm himself of his nuclear weapons BEFORE he was even voted on and denied confirmation by the trash that populates the left side of the aisle?

So, that’s what it took to get a “yes” vote from Rand Paul, to admit that Iraq was a mistake? Really? How about taking a dangerous trip to North Korea to set up a meeting to peacefully disarm King Pudgy. That was nothing to Paul, but admitting that Iraq was a mistake was everything? Cranial-rectal inversion much?